Ver Turtles Forever

Ver Turtles Forever

Turtles Forever (2009)

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Dirección: Roy Burdine, Lloyd Goldfine.


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Turtles Forever Review

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

Michael E. Smith United Kingdom

I once watched those movies three times in one day and I would totally do that again.

Elena R. Hess United States

I've seen it more than 30 times, its the definition of perfection.

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Michael Sinterniklaas - Turtles Forever Michael Sinterniklaas
as Leonardo (2003)
Wayne Grayson - Turtles Forever Wayne Grayson
as Michelangelo (2003)
Sam Riegel - Turtles Forever Sam Riegel
as Donatello (2003)
Frank Frankson - Turtles Forever Frank Frankson
as Raphael (2003)
Darren Dunstan - Turtles Forever Darren Dunstan
as Splinter (2003)
Marc Thompson - Turtles Forever Marc Thompson
as Casey Jones
Veronica Taylor - Turtles Forever Veronica Taylor
as April O'Neil (2003)
Scottie Ray - Turtles Forever Scottie Ray
as The Shredder (2003)
Greg Carey - Turtles Forever Greg Carey
as Hun
Karen Neil - Turtles Forever Karen Neil
as Karai
Dan Green - Turtles Forever Dan Green
as Leonardo (1988)
Johnny Castro - Turtles Forever Johnny Castro
as Michelangelo (1988), Rocksteady
Anthony Salerno - Turtles Forever Anthony Salerno
as Donatello (1988)
Sebastian Arcelus - Turtles Forever Sebastian Arcelus
as Raphael (1988)
David Wills - Turtles Forever David Wills
as Splinter (1988), Mirage Shredder
Rebecca Soler - Turtles Forever Rebecca Soler
as April O'Neil (1988)
Load Williams - Turtles Forever Load Williams
as The Shredder (1988)
Pete Capella - Turtles Forever Pete Capella
as Donatello (Mirage)
Sean Schemmel - Turtles Forever Sean Schemmel
as Raphael (Mirage), Additional Voices
Bruce Falk - Turtles Forever Bruce Falk
as Additional Voices
Matthew Piazzi - Turtles Forever Matthew Piazzi
as Additional Voices
Braford Cameron - Turtles Forever Braford Cameron
as Michelangelo (Mirage), Krang, Bebop
Kevin Eastman - Turtles Forever Kevin Eastman
as Himself
Peter Laird - Turtles Forever Peter Laird
as Himself
Jason Griffith - Turtles Forever Jason Griffith
as Leonardo (Mirage), Additional Voices


Directing Roy Burdine Director
Directing Lloyd Goldfine Director
Crew Kevin Eastman Creator
Crew Peter Laird Creator
Writing Rob David Writer
Writing Matthew Drdek Writer
Writing Lloyd Goldfine Writer