Ver 清宮啟示錄

Ver 清宮啟示錄

清宮啟示錄 (1983)


Directora: Tony Liu Chun-Ku


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清宮啟示錄 Review

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Madelen Dale Norway

There's just too many good movies in there to be able to re watch them all.

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Lau Wing - 清宮啟示錄 Lau Wing
as Yong Zheng/Fourth Prince
Leanne Lau Suet-Wa - 清宮啟示錄 Leanne Lau Suet-Wa
as Lui Si Niang
Max Mok Siu-Chung - 清宮啟示錄 Max Mok Siu-Chung
as 14th Prince
Jason Pai Piao - 清宮啟示錄 Jason Pai Piao
as Min Geng Yiu
Norman Chu - 清宮啟示錄 Norman Chu
as Tsang Jing
Ku Feng - 清宮啟示錄 Ku Feng
as Lui Liu Liang
Cheung King-Yu - 清宮啟示錄 Cheung King-Yu
as Pearl
Yuen Tak - 清宮啟示錄 Yuen Tak
as Pak Tai Koon
Kwan Fung - 清宮啟示錄 Kwan Fung
as Lord Chang Tieh Yue
Wong Mei-Mei - 清宮啟示錄 Wong Mei-Mei
as Lui's daughter
Johnny Wang Lung-Wei - 清宮啟示錄 Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
as Lord Loong Foh Do
Sun Chien - 清宮啟示錄 Sun Chien
as Kam Fung Chi
Yeung Chi-Hing - 清宮啟示錄 Yeung Chi-Hing
as Eunuch Wang
Cheng Miu - 清宮啟示錄 Cheng Miu
as Emperor
Tony Liu Chun-Ku - 清宮啟示錄 Tony Liu Chun-Ku
as Ninja
Yeung Ching-Ching - 清宮啟示錄 Yeung Ching-Ching
as Jade


Directing Tony Liu Chun-Ku Director
Production Mona Fong Producer
Editing Chiang Hsing-Lung Editor