Guardare Panny z Wilka

Guardare Panny z Wilka

Panny z Wilka (1979)


Direttore: Andrzej Wajda


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Panny z Wilka Review

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

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Daniel Olbrychski - Panny z Wilka Daniel Olbrychski
as Wiktor Ruben
Anna Seniuk - Panny z Wilka Anna Seniuk
as Julcia
Maja Komorowska - Panny z Wilka Maja Komorowska
as Jola
Stanislawa Celinska - Panny z Wilka Stanislawa Celinska
as Zosia
Krystyna Zachwatowicz - Panny z Wilka Krystyna Zachwatowicz
as Kazia
Christine Pascal - Panny z Wilka Christine Pascal
as Tunia
Zbigniew Zapasiewicz - Panny z Wilka Zbigniew Zapasiewicz
as Julcia's Husband
Zofia Jaroszewska - Panny z Wilka Zofia Jaroszewska
as Wiktor's Aunt
Tadeusz Białoszczyński - Panny z Wilka Tadeusz Białoszczyński
as Wiktor's Uncle
Paul Guers - Panny z Wilka Paul Guers
as Jola's Husband
Kazimierz Brodzikowski - Panny z Wilka Kazimierz Brodzikowski
as Butler
Andrzej Grzybowski - Panny z Wilka Andrzej Grzybowski
Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz - Panny z Wilka Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz
as Himself
Filip Jasienski - Panny z Wilka Filip Jasienski
as Kazia's Son
Witold Kaluski - Panny z Wilka Witold Kaluski
as Coachman


Directing Andrzej Wajda Director
Writing Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz Story
Writing Zbigniew Kaminski Writer