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Guardare La Vie en Rose

Guardare La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose (2007)


La vita della celebre cantante Edith Piaf: dalle umili origini ai grandi concerti internazionali.

Direttore: Olivier Dahan
Scrittori: Isabelle Sobelman, Olivier Dahan.


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La Vie en Rose Review

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Michael E. Smith United Kingdom

I once watched those movies three times in one day and I would totally do that again.

Facondo Pugliesi Italy

This movie is so good!

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Marion Cotillard - La Vie en Rose Marion Cotillard
as Edith Piaf
Sylvie Testud - La Vie en Rose Sylvie Testud
as Mômone
Pascal Greggory - La Vie en Rose Pascal Greggory
as Louis Barrier
Emmanuelle Seigner - La Vie en Rose Emmanuelle Seigner
as Titine
Jean-Paul Rouve - La Vie en Rose Jean-Paul Rouve
as Louis Gassion
Gérard Depardieu - La Vie en Rose Gérard Depardieu
as Louis Leplée
Clotilde Courau - La Vie en Rose Clotilde Courau
as Annetta Gassion
Jean-Pierre Martins - La Vie en Rose Jean-Pierre Martins
as Marcel Cerdan
Catherine Allégret - La Vie en Rose Catherine Allégret
as Louise
Marc Barbé - La Vie en Rose Marc Barbé
as Raymond Asso
Caroline Sihol - La Vie en Rose Caroline Sihol
as Marlene Dietrich
Manon Chevallier - La Vie en Rose Manon Chevallier
as Edith - 5 years old
Pauline Burlet - La Vie en Rose Pauline Burlet
as Edith - 10 years old
Elisabeth Commelin - La Vie en Rose Elisabeth Commelin
as Danielle Bonel
André Penvern - La Vie en Rose André Penvern
as Jacques Canetti
Marie-Armelle Deguy - La Vie en Rose Marie-Armelle Deguy
as Marguerite Monnot
Valérie Moreau - La Vie en Rose Valérie Moreau
as Jeanne
Marc Gannot - La Vie en Rose Marc Gannot
as Marc Bonel
Jean-Paul Muel - La Vie en Rose Jean-Paul Muel
as Bruno Coquatrix
Nathalie Dorval - La Vie en Rose Nathalie Dorval
as Mireille
Caroline Raynaud - La Vie en Rose Caroline Raynaud
as Ginou
Christophe Odent - La Vie en Rose Christophe Odent
as Dr. Bernay
Harry Hadden-Paton - La Vie en Rose Harry Hadden-Paton
as Doug Davis
Cylia Malki - La Vie en Rose Cylia Malki
as Philipo
Édith Le Merdy - La Vie en Rose Édith Le Merdy
as Simone Margantin
Denis Ménochet - La Vie en Rose Denis Ménochet
as Journalist in Orly
Josette Ménard - La Vie en Rose Josette Ménard
as Mamy
Dominique Paturel - La Vie en Rose Dominique Paturel
as Lucien Roupp
Nicholas Pritchard - La Vie en Rose Nicholas Pritchard
as Jameson
William Armstrong - La Vie en Rose William Armstrong
as Clifford Fisher
Aubert Fenoy - La Vie en Rose Aubert Fenoy
as Michel Emer
Mario Hacquard - La Vie en Rose Mario Hacquard
as Charles Dumont
Agathe Bodin - La Vie en Rose Agathe Bodin
as Suzanne
Olivier Cruveiller - La Vie en Rose Olivier Cruveiller
as Inspecteur Guillaume
Ashley Wanninger - La Vie en Rose Ashley Wanninger
as Leplée's assistant
Laurent Schilling - La Vie en Rose Laurent Schilling
as Claude
Dominique Bettenfeld - La Vie en Rose Dominique Bettenfeld
as Albert
Alban Casterman - La Vie en Rose Alban Casterman
as Charles Aznavour
Sébastien Tavel - La Vie en Rose Sébastien Tavel
as Interviewer
Nicole Dubois - La Vie en Rose Nicole Dubois
as Seamstress
Martin Janis - La Vie en Rose Martin Janis
as Jean Mermoz
Eric Franquelin - La Vie en Rose Eric Franquelin
as Etienne
Marc Chapiteau - La Vie en Rose Marc Chapiteau
as Mitty Goldin
Maureen Demidof - La Vie en Rose Maureen Demidof
as Marcelle
Pierre Peyrichout - La Vie en Rose Pierre Peyrichout
as Journalist
Liliane Cebrian - La Vie en Rose Liliane Cebrian
as Palm reader
Paulina Nemcova - La Vie en Rose Paulina Nemcova
as American journalist
Jean-Jacques Desplanque - La Vie en Rose Jean-Jacques Desplanque
as Tony Zale
Alain Figlarz - La Vie en Rose Alain Figlarz
as Boxing trainer
Nathalie Cox - La Vie en Rose Nathalie Cox
as Pin-up
Pierre Derenne - La Vie en Rose Pierre Derenne
as P'tit Louis
Emy Lévy - La Vie en Rose Emy Lévy
as Brothel girl 1
Olivier Raoux - La Vie en Rose Olivier Raoux
as Waiter
Philippe Bricard - La Vie en Rose Philippe Bricard
as Man in Lannes
Pier Luigi Colombetti - La Vie en Rose Pier Luigi Colombetti
as Brasserie owner
Rodolphe Saulnier - La Vie en Rose Rodolphe Saulnier
as Barman
Fabien Duval - La Vie en Rose Fabien Duval
as Policeman
Nicolas Simon - La Vie en Rose Nicolas Simon
as Journalist by the church
Jil Aigrot - La Vie en Rose Jil Aigrot
as Edith Piaf (singing voice)
Stéphane Bern - La Vie en Rose Stéphane Bern
as Christophe


Directing Olivier Dahan Director
Writing Isabelle Sobelman Screenplay
Production Alain Goldman Producer
Sound Christopher Gunning Original Music Composer
Camera Tetsuo Nagata Director of Photography
Editing Richard Marizy Editor
Production Olivier Carbone Casting
Art Olivier Raoux Production Design
Costume & Make-Up Marit Allen Costume Design
Production Michal Prikryl Production Manager
Writing Olivier Dahan Screenplay
Camera Mathieu Caudroy Steadicam Operator
Camera Bruno Calvo Still Photographer
Art Beatrice Brentnerova Art Direction
Art Mick Lanaro Art Direction
Art Laure Lepelley-Monbillard Art Direction
Art Stanislas Reydellet Art Direction
Art Stéphane Cressend Set Decoration
Art Petra Kobedova Set Decoration
Art Cecile Vatelot Set Decoration
Art Karim Djerbi Art Department Coordinator
Art Ludovic Erbelding Construction Coordinator
Editing Charles Autrand Dialogue Editor
Sound Edouard Murcier ADR & Dubbing
Crew Gréggory Poncelet Sound Recordist
Sound Philippe Penot Foley
Sound Nikolas Javelle Sound Editor
Sound Gael Nicolas Sound Editor
Sound Pascal Villard Supervising Sound Editor
Production Alex Johnson Casting
Costume & Make-Up Natalie Humphries Assistant Costume Designer
Sound Katia Boutin Music Editor
Sound Becky Bentham Music Supervisor
Sound Edouard Dubois Music Director
Directing Virginie Le Pionnier Script Supervisor
Camera Roberto De Angelis Steadicam Operator
Camera Vladimir Muller Steadicam Operator
Lighting Patrick Contesse Gaffer
Lighting Jaromir Simek Gaffer
Visual Effects Kamil Jaffar Special Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Carine Poussou Visual Effects Coordinator
Crew Collette Nunes Visual Effects Editor
Crew Aled Robinson Visual Effects Editor
Visual Effects Renata Azambuja Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects David Danesi Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Earle Stuart Callender Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Seb Caudron Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Hal Couzens Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Uel Hormann Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Hugh Welchman Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Adam Gascoyne Visual Effects Supervisor
Costume & Make-Up Jan Archibald Key Hair Stylist
Costume & Make-Up Didier Lavergne Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Amélie Bouilly Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Elisa Costa Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Gabriela Polakova Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Stephanie Hovette Wigmaker
Editing Élodie Ichter Digital Intermediate
Editing Virginie Seguin First Assistant Editor