Guardare Hey, Pop!

Guardare Hey, Pop!

Hey, Pop! (1932)


Direttore: Alfred J. Goulding


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Hey, Pop! Review

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Michael E. Smith United Kingdom

I once watched those movies three times in one day and I would totally do that again.

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Roscoe Arbuckle - Hey, Pop! Roscoe Arbuckle
as Fatty
Billy Hayes - Hey, Pop! Billy Hayes
as Bill
Jack Shutta - Hey, Pop! Jack Shutta
as Restaurant owner
Dan Wolheim - Hey, Pop! Dan Wolheim
as Orphanage official
Herschel Mayall - Hey, Pop! Herschel Mayall
as Contest judge
Florence Auer - Hey, Pop! Florence Auer
Leo Hoyt - Hey, Pop! Leo Hoyt
Fritz Hubert - Hey, Pop! Fritz Hubert
J.F. Lee - Hey, Pop! J.F. Lee
Milton Wallace - Hey, Pop! Milton Wallace


Production Samuel Sax Producer
Directing Alfred J. Goulding Director
Writing Glen Lambert Story
Writing Jack Henley Story
Camera Edwin B. DuPar Director of Photography