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Guardare Laser Mission

Guardare Laser Mission

Laser Mission (1989)


Direttore: BJ Davis


Guardare Laser Mission Film Streaming Online

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Laser Mission Review

Tricia D. Layman Canada

I can't recall how many times I've seen this movie, but I am never bored by watching them one more time.

Facondo Pugliesi Italy

This movie is so good!

Madelen Dale Norway

There's just too many good movies in there to be able to re watch them all.

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Brandon Lee - Laser Mission Brandon Lee
as Michael Gold
Debi A. Monahan - Laser Mission Debi A. Monahan
as Alissa
Ernest Borgnine - Laser Mission Ernest Borgnine
as Prof. Braun
Graham Clarke - Laser Mission Graham Clarke
as Col. Kalishnakov
Werner Pochath - Laser Mission Werner Pochath
as Eckhardt
Maureen Lahoud - Laser Mission Maureen Lahoud
as Sgt. Roberta
Pierre Knoesen - Laser Mission Pierre Knoesen
as Mañuel


Directing BJ Davis Director
Writing David A. Frank Story
Writing Phillip Gutteridge Writer