Guardare Bandyta

Guardare Bandyta

Bandyta (1997)


Direttore: Maciej Dejczer
Scrittore: Cezary Harasimowicz


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Bandyta Review

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Olivie Parent France

I love this movie and I am just now watching them again.

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Til Schweiger - Bandyta Til Schweiger
as Brute
Polly Walker - Bandyta Polly Walker
as Mara
Ida Jablonska - Bandyta Ida Jablonska
as Elena
Bartek Pieniazek - Bandyta Bartek Pieniazek
as Moscu
Wojciech Brzezinski - Bandyta Wojciech Brzezinski
as Jorgu
Pete Postlethwaite - Bandyta Pete Postlethwaite
as Sincai
John Hurt - Bandyta John Hurt
as Babits


Directing Maciej Dejczer Director
Writing Cezary Harasimowicz Screenplay
Sound Michał Lorenc Original Music Composer
Production Claus Boje Producer
Production Leonardo De La Fuente Producer
Production Edouard Douek Producer
Production Lew Rywin Producer
Camera Marian Prokop Director of Photography
Camera Artur Reinhart Director of Photography
Editing Arpad Bondy Editor
Editing Scott Stevenson Editor
Editing Katarzyna Rudnik Editor