Guardare Orphan's Benefit

Guardare Orphan's Benefit

Orphan's Benefit (1941)


Direttore: Riley Thomson


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Orphan's Benefit Review

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Nicholas Lacharité France

I absolutely love this movie. If you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend this movie.

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Walt Disney - Orphan's Benefit Walt Disney
as Mickey Mouse
Clarence Nash - Orphan's Benefit Clarence Nash
as Donald Duck
Florence Gill - Orphan's Benefit Florence Gill
as Clara Cluck


Directing Riley Thomson Director
Production Walt Disney Producer
Visual Effects Jim Armstrong Animation
Visual Effects Ed Love Animation
Visual Effects Bill Dunham Animation
Visual Effects Norman Ferguson Animation
Visual Effects Arthur Elliott Animation